Story: This is how I see Ghana @ 2030 – The seer

Not all that glitters is gold! All fingers are not equal, these are often said just to slow down people’s desire for something. If all fingers are not equal, meaning my own might be the shortest?

Walking side by side on the street of Accra, 24th December 2030. I saw many young ladies on the streets with babies with no fatherly care. I tried to speak to some of them, but I realized I was in a hurry, so I moved down to the west of the city. As I was on my way, I met many young guys wearing torn clothes and dressed in a Rascal way. I do not know what kind of job they do but it looks obvious that their profession is not recognized by society and the constitution of the land.

Ahead of me, I heard a sound of a loud group singing, it seems it is a pressure group out for an economic demonstration against the government.

I heard some women selling on the roadside and asking each other, why are we not selling today? Where are the customers? I heard another voice whispering to me, look on your watch, record the time and write what you are seeing. In the next hour, I will review its interpretation for you. I checked the time, and it was 12:34 GMT on 24th December 2030.

In a few hours, I heard a loud voice calling Philip, I kept quiet with no response because I thought it was not me till he added Philip the seer! He took me into the spirit and started showing me the meaning of what I saw.

He began by asking, do you remember during the peak of the pandemic I told you that your country will not battle only coronavirus but antenatal viruses too? I quickly remembered what he said, he continued that, I know you did not understand then, but the results are with you now. The antenatal virus affected those women you earlier saw on the streets with children but no fatherly care. During the lockdown period, they forgot to wash their hands when eating and as a result, they had that virus. I thought I told you to inform the ministry of gender about the pending danger so they can do public education on it particularly to the teenagers, but they never did.

The other group made up of guys you saw on the streets is a continuation of the first vision. Male children among whom you saw with their mothers have now grown but with no promising future due to many circumstances they went through, so they are on the streets doing their own things to earn a living. I will not show you the female among them because you know what they might be doing now. Those males on the street, I will not tell you what they are doing on the street, but just buy Daily Graphic the next day and read the front page.

The singing and dancing sound you heard are not fans of Kuami Eugene but workers demonstrating against bad wages and salaries due to economic hardship. I was surprised about the name I heard “Kuami Eugene “so I asked, do you listen to his songs. He replied yes particularly the one with the title ” Open Gate”. He said now you know the problems your people were facing were bad wages and salaries I don’t expect you to ask me why the women were asking each other why are we not selling? Where are the customers? I replied yes, I think I do understand now.

He then commanded me by mentioning my name loudly “Philip Seer ” caution my people about the bad times ahead. Tell those who have the wisdom to listen and those who have the understanding to explain. There are bad times ahead and they should work and prepare for them. I quickly got up and realized it was all a dream because it almost 10:20 GMT in my local time, I went out to get the daily graphic as it was recommended and guess what, it was on the front page, ‘Robbers kill a police officer in a bullion Van’ Government taskforce on galamsey arrested 4 at Manso. Fuel prices increased by 3 percent.

This shocking version needs solutions, and that seer must sleep again and come with a solution but till then may history be our witness.

Philip The Seer

McDan gravels deathtrap Kasseh Market Road

Mr. Daniel Mckorley through Electrochem Ghana Limited, graveled portions of a road linking the Tema Aflao road to the Kasseh market which poses danger to drivers and market women.

This came few days after hours rainfall left stagnant waters in the portholes, leaving vehicles stranded having access to the market.

Mr. Paul Amartey, assistance Manager of the company told that, they were using that road to reach out to the Kasseh police authorities who are located on the same road, and upon reaching that portion, movement of their vehicle was difficult.

“I was with Naana Adikie Adi I, the Queen Mother of Adibiawer clan who always lead McDan in almost every activities. This was on Monday 21st of June 2021.

So she called McDan to tell him the state of the road, which he also responded rapidly to, hence the gravelling on Tuesday 22nd June 2021.

In fact, we wished to do this for the entire community and it is part of our social responsibilities as a company.” He explained

He revealed that Mr. McKorley after taking over the Songor lagoon with the EGL, is intended to revive the Songor Lagoon, transforming the Ada state and also open projects and artisanal works for residents.

Madam Ernestina Nartey, President of the Kasseh Market Women Association, expressed gratitude for McDan’s intervention and appealed to the business mogul to visit the main market to help them address some of their challenges.

A market woman also spoke to our men in two and lamented on how bad the state of the market is and how desperate they are looking for help.

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu—Kasseh

Story: The Ghanaian Chamber and Hall Lifestyle – The Seer

Chamber and Hall is a common name known when looking for a Room to rent in Ghana and it is mostly two rooms in which one is particularly used as a hall and the other as a bedroom.

When it comes with the kitchen and washroom, it is often called flat.

At the center of Melbourne in Australia on my way to the city of Perth, I saw two Ghanaians exchanging words of insult. I heard one saying, ” Your Chamber and hall lifestyle “. Because am mostly interested in recording history and finding wisdom, I quickly rushed up to the place but usually checked my time, it was 17: 00 in local time.

A man standing beside me held a lot of money in his hand but still asked the other guys for his money. Because I knew I will tell you what I saw, I went a little closer and asked him what exactly the matter is. First, I asked for his name, and he told me he is called Mr. Hard Hand and the other guy beside him is called Mr. Tomorrow. I asked why they are fighting and what he said amazed me.

He began his narrations, a story that touched my heart. We came to Australia the same day with one airline with him he said. We worked in the same company but different Hours. Mr. Tomorrow does 17 hours a day but I do about 8 hours daily. Philip Seer, he called my name, do you know Mr. Tomorrow come to me always to borrow money? Because this doesn’t make sense to me, I forcedly asked how?

He answered with a question, what is my name? quickly I replied to him, you initially said Mr hard hand. He shouted with his hand up, yes that is me. I do not give out money quickly and roughly, that is my trademark. Though I work for few hours in this country, I have enough money with me for any future expectations. But look at my brother here Mr. Tomorrow, the moment he receives calls from Ghana on money demands, he replies to it, ok let me check tomorrow. That is why he is been named Tomorrow and with many hours he does he has nothing. But because I do not give out quickly and very careful with my savings, though they called me Hard Hand but am very comfortable and living okay here in Melbourne and Accra too.

The body of the dead is a lesson to the living. Most Ghanaian or African living abroad are compared with Camber and hall room. The hall is the country where you came from. Always the hall is bigger than the Camber and can accommodate a lot of stuffs. Similarly, the demands of family and friends home often exceed your spending abroad where you live. The spending in your country covers over 70 percent of your earning but still, the home-based friends and family believe you have kept most of your income abroad and still expect more when you come home.
Just as the Camber where you sleep refers to abroad and your working destination. Normally you live a simple and economical life just to have savings and to be able to take care of your needs at home. Here is where the struggling is and less enjoyable. Where most of your life activities happen and live as strangers and passer-by.

Most often when care for money is not considered, you will exit the Camber to the hall with nothing, meaning ” abroad to home country (Ghana) with nothing. The Colour red is often for danger or caution while white is for victory. This is a short piece of advice for my peers abroad who are living a Camber and hall lifestyle. I will speak to you next weekend may history be our witness.

The Seer

Terkperbiawer clan of Ada installs new Libiwornor

The leaders of Terkperbiawer clan of the Ada state has on Friday 18th June, 2021 performed traditional rites to install a new priest for their Libi Deity (Libi Wor) for the entire clan.

This came after the Nomo Apedo Ayornu, who was the Libi Wornor, was said to be acting adamantly towards the leaders of the clan.

File photo

Nene Amornortey Nangwah IV, stool father of the clan, told reporters in an interview that, the Terkperbiawer clan has also institute a committee which will speak, act and be signatories to any documents pertaining to the clan.

He further noticed that, the clan is broader than a particular person or group of persons, to claim ownership of things that belong to the entire clan.

“We have now put in place measures in the Terkperbiawer clan which will command respect and these measures are going to deal with any section of the clan equally without fear or favor.

Any document(s) emanating from the Clan for any Official transaction shall be signed by any three of these five persons, The IV-Divisional Chief/Wetsoyi- Nene Korley, The Asafoatsengua (Senior Warlord)- Asafoatsengua Glorgo Dadebom Anim V, The Divisional Secretary- Theophilus Agbakla, The Stool father- Nene Amornotey Nangwa, and The
Libi Wornor-Nomo Kietey Aflama

Without any three of the above signatories, any document or information emanating from the clan should be disregarded.” He revealed.

Mr. Theophilus Agbakla, the Divisional secretary to the clan, told that, there were challenges in the clan which Nomo Ayornu was invited on several occasions for settlement as clan leaders, but he never showed up.

Mr. Agbakla revealed that, Nomo Ayornu in 2020 began his unscrupulous behavior till date, hence his scrap for another Libi Wornor to take charge.

Nomo Kietey Aframa (Libi Wornor) also said, he is ready to serve with humility and respect to his superiors or clan heads and leaders.

Bellow are some videos of what transpired at the installation and some interviews we granted news desk reports

Story: A story that happened in Ghana June 1824

Sitting behind elders at a party sometimes is quite disappointing and boring because they always keep the temperature cold but drinking wine with them brings a lot of wisdom and understanding.

I found myself in such a situation in Ghana in 1824 at a town called Divorce. An old man by the name Ambition came near my table and ask me for a seat. He asked for my name, and I replied am Philip Seer and without wasting his time, he posted a question on me “what will you consider when choosing a life partner” I was a bit uncomfortable and knew at that moment the man is in for something. I looked on my watch and it was 22:27 GMT in local time.

My long-awaited answer was a lady with big legs and hips. He laughed and said young man which part of Ghana did you come from. I replied, the city of Fantasy in the Eastern Region Akuapem to be precise and he said I now know who your parents will be I guess Mr hopeless and madam problems. He laughed again and looked on his watch and said to me it 22: 30 GMT Sunday, June 1824 keeps this date and time. Now pay attention to me and listen to the wisdom he commanded!!

“He began his advice ” The answer to this question to many men Will be ” I want someone who will love me ” so I was surprised, your answer was quite disappointing, but I understand your situation. Mr. Seer it might sound to many, that love is the answer to the question but it capital No!

Before one decides of choosing a life partner first must double-check what you want to do in life. Your dreams will give you a hint of the type of woman you needed for your journey. He asked are you a Christian? I replied Yes. He continued by saying read proverbs 30:18-33 and you will understand that objects or things have assigned partners or tools from creation. I Mr ambition do not want someone who loves me but looks out for someone who thinks like me. If she loves me only but never thinks like me, we may be having a lot of issues we disagree with and that will make my dreams shut down.

How do I make the meaning of my name come into reality? He said with a low voice, I have a schoolmate who is now a pastor called Great Angle. He tells his church congregation always that he can turn into different animals and a lot of myth. But do you know his wife still married to him and loves him? Though she knew her husband cannot turn into anything, not even a Water Bottle, because they think in the same way, they are keeping the partnership moving.

When he mentioned the Water Bottle, I laughed uncontrollably there he quickly asked, what is the problem? I answered with another low voice are you referring to the one Mr. UN gave to the famous Sakodie? He replied to it, enough I want no problems. We will talk some other time, but it will help you if you take this advice seriously if not may history be our witness.

By: The Seer

Max Empowerment Foundation poised to impact positively on brilliant but needy students

Max Empowerment Foundation, a Non Governmental Organization NGO has envisioned to bringing forth the best in the academic performance in students in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The NGO has embarked on series of donations and rewards with the recent one at Toflokpo, a community in the District.

Mr. Maslow Manasseh Lawerteh, Chief Executive Officer of the organization in an interview with revealed that most parents find it difficult providing some basic needs to their wards for school hence the establishment of the organization.

“I was once like these kids at school, my parents though provided for me and my siblings when I was in school, they find it difficult at points in time so with my past experiences, I’ve notice the need to support these little ones.” He said

The organization which funds all it projects through the CEO and members, has provided books, mathematical sets, pencils and pens, Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and many other school materials to pupils in different schools in the District.

Max Empowerment Foundation on 4th February 2021 Rewarded brilliant but needy students in Toflokpo Basic School in the Ada West District.

The items include a park of Note 1 Exercise Book, Rulers, sets of pencil, erasers, pens, crayon and mathematical sets.

He entreated students to learn hard and put their education first in everything they do and also encouraged each student in every class to aim higher and do better to make their family and the community proud

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu–Sege

Netball: Team Ghana to be ready by the end of 2021 as National League competition kicks off early July.

The Netball Federation of Ghana- NFG, begins preparations to kick off this year’s League Competition in 2nd week of July 2021.

At the Accra Sports Stadium on Saturday June 12, various clubs across the country including their officials, together with other officiating officials and Executive members, met and commenced the registration process, which will officially close on Saturday June 19th, 2021.

The league according to the president of the Association, Rev. Emmanuel D. Nikoi, is to raise a formidable team for the 2022 Commonwealth Games qualifies, 2023 All Africa Games to be hosted by Ghana, and the World Cup Tournament in South Africa same year.

“The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the Africa Games, which will be hosted by Ghana in 2023, has asked the Netball Federation of Ghana to get Team Ghana, (National Netball Team), the Golden Maidens, ready by the end of 2021, so that by 2022, they will be sent to camping outside the shores of Ghana, to prepare adequately to participate in the 2023 Africa Games”, the President said in an interview.

” The essence of the league is to keep the players very very active. So in essence,we are preparing the National team to participate in the Africa Games. We are also hoping to participate in the World Cup tournament which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2023″, he added.

In international matches to engage the Golden Maidens as part of their preparations towards the 2023 African Games, Rev. Emmanuel Nikoi confirms two separate matches for the Senior National team and one for the Youth team(U21).
Ghana to play against Burundi in August 7th, with the return match on September 27th 2021, before taking on Botswana in November the same year.

The Youth Team on the other hand travels to Rabat on 16th October to play against Morocco.

Ahead of the League, the clubs will lock horn in this year’s Republic Day Anniversary Tournament (one day) at Sege in the Ada West District.

The President of the Federation in that regard, appeals to both Ada East and West to rally this first course in the Dangme East District to have a wonderful tournament.

“we appeal to the paramouncy of the Ada Traditional Area to Marshall the sub-chiefs and all his subjects and all financially sound people to support the good initiative by the NFG to bring netball to the doorstep of the people Ada, so that they will have good and successful tournament.

what we are looking forward to is sponsorship. We are also encouraged by the fact that we have a notable businessman in the person of McDan, in Ada, whom we are hoping will play a gargantuan role in pushing and supporting the tournament”, echoed the President.

The Secretary of the Federation, Mr Ernest Owusu Dankyi, in a confirmatory statement, said that, six clubs have by far officially registered. They include Generation from Ada, Shalom (Odumase, Krobo ), Spice Girls (Madina, Accra ), Blazing Hands ( Legon, Accra), Hunters (Winneba), and Dream Big from Kumasi.

“two or more clubs may join by the close of the week”, Mr Dankyi added.

He also reiterated that, only registered clubs will qualify to take part in any national organized games like the Republic tournament. He therefore appeal to all get prepared and come on board.

Meanwhile, the Republic Day Anniversary tournament will be under the auspices of the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Ada West District, Hon. L. Akrofi.

Ebenezer Kisseh–Accra

Prepare For Heavy Rain – Ghana Meteorological Agency Warns

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned of humongous and torrential rains as the country settles properly into the rainy season.

The rains are expected to be exceptionally heavy for areas within the Southern belt of the country.

“Places expected to be affected include: Aflao, Ada, Aaktsi, Ho, Tema , Accra, Kpong, Somanya Koforidua, Akim Oda, Nkawkaw ,Anyinam ,Winneba, Cape Coast , Senya Breku, Elmina ,Tarkwa, Twifo Praso, Assin Fosu, Dunkwa On Offin, Breman Asikuma, Sekondi-Takoradi, Axim, Asankragua, Bekwai Jamasi , Mampong, Juaben, Kumasi and Their Environs”, according to a release by the agency.

The Northern sector, on the other hand, is expected to be generally cloudy with intermittent rains in the course of the week.

Philip Teye–Kojo Agboveh-Accra

GH Media School’s Priscilla Tsegah was stabbed to death by her female friend in a hotel.

Priscilla Tsegah

Priscilla Tsegah 23, a student of Gh Media School is said to have been stabbed in her lower abdomen by another lady identified only as Natashia, suspected to be the “lesbian partner’ of the deceased.

The deceased, who resides at Taifa in the Greater Accra Region’s body was found in the hotel room after she was declared missing by her family with her friends running a social media campaign using her pictures and appealing to the public help find her.

Natashia, who is currently on the run is alleged to have murdered her lover after the boyfriend of Priscilla, yet to be identified, went to Justa Hotel, at New Legon, where the two women were lodging.

According to workers of the hotel, Natashia booked a room in their facility on May 20, 2021 at about 6:43pm and after one hour and 17 minutes, she left and returned with Priscilla, whose identity was not known by the hotel until after her death.

The two women were staying in the room together until May 22, 2021 at about 12 noon when some workers detected that the room was locked but the key was not in their locker.

One of the workers went for a spare key and unlocked the door only to find a woman lying naked on the floor of the room with blood stains all over and a kitchen knife stuck in her lower abdomen.

The workers reported the incident to the Lakeside Police at about 3 p.m on the same day about three hours after discovering the body in the hotel room.

The Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mrs Effia Tenge, confirmed the incident and said the police upon receiving the report went to the hotel.

She said the local police contacted the Crime Scene Management team of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service to go to the scene and after examining the body, conveyed it to the Police Hospital in Accra.

The room where the two women were lodging, has been locked for further investigations.

Through police investigations, the deceased was identified and her family traced.

Mrs Tenge said the police had mounted a search for Natashia and appealed to the public to assist the police with credible information that would facilitate investigations and help arrest the suspect.

Philip Teye–Kojo Agboveh-Accra

VIDEO: Is the Libi Deity now a blood sucker?—Lolonya leaders quiz Terkperbiawer clan, call on the paramountcy

Elders of Lolonya, a fishing community in the Ada West District has task the Terkperbiawer clan of the Ada state to make blood sacrifice to their Libiwor (Libi Deity).

“We are suspecting a thirst for blood per the actions of Libiwornor (Priest of Libi Deity)”, Williams Ashiangmor, secretary to the Chief disclosed

In an interaction with the community, both leaders and the youth, registered their displeasure over the priest’s request he made, appealing to be supported by the community to cut the source of brine water for the Electrochem Ghana Limited for Songor salt production.

According to them, the current state of the Songor Lagoon is nothing to depend on, since it has turned muddy, due to the introduction of Atsiakpo (galamsey method) into the Lagoon.

The chiefs, elders and youth who spoke with our news team, complained bitterly that previous administrations of the Songor lagoon extracted sea water from their community and exposed the community to flood anytime rain falls but Electrochem Ghana Limited has started constructing a covert which will protect the community from flood, which they are really happy about.

The community which can not be counted among ‘Open Defecation Free (ODF) Communities, has now been provided with a 20 sitter toilet facility by Electrochem Ghana Limited which is due for opening.

Mr. Williams Ashiangmor disclosed that, per their look of things, it seems the Libi Deity needs a blood sacrifice due to how the priest to the Deity is behaving.

“I want to ask the entire Terkperbiawer clan if their Libi Deity is now sucking blood. If so then they should get it one because the priest is now eager to get a human blood per how he behaves recently.

If the Deity isn’t a blood sucking one then they should call Libi Wornor to order.

I want Nene Abraham Kabu Akuaku lll, our Paramount chief to also call Libi Wornor to order, else the next time he step a foot in Lolonya again over any Songor issue, will face our wrath.” He cautioned

Some of the youth told our news team that, the heartless decision taken by Libi Wornor is unfair since they cannot go to Libi Wornor in his community and incite them against a project being initiated in his territory that he thinks can help him and the entire community.

Others suggested that the lands he (Libi Wornor) allegedly sold and the income he makes from the Atsiakpo is mouthwatering but has never shared with anyone, hence the need to stop him from stepping a foot into the community on Songor issues.

Bellow are videos of some of the leaders and community members tooglobalnewsghcom spoke with.