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Ada West District Education Calls For Support.

Madam Cynthia Winnifred Aku Gbadago the Ada West District Director of Education is calling on NGO’s both far and near to aid the District’s Education system by providing any form of educational help esspecially furniture to some schools in remote areas of the district.

The director made this appeal after this site visited some of the schools in the district and had one on one encounter with her.

She lauded the efforts of the district Assembly in helping the schools in diverse ways but request for more hands in developing the educational system in the district.

Some of the pupils uses their books as chairs and tables.

“One challenge we have in our schools is furniture. We lack a lot of furniture even though the assembly is doing all what it could to help in education but I think we still need a lot of furniture for our schools to create condusive environment for our children. The assembly has been doing very well but I think they need more supports because the whole district needs furniture” she appealed.

Some uses cement blocks as chairs and tables under wooden structures.

Some study under trees with broken boards jerked in between trees for lessons.


The district assembly has put up nice structures for some of the schools wich some are yet to be opened.

On the other hand, some of the old structures have marks in the walls, bats have taken over some of the buildings making it difficult for teachers and pupils to sit in the classes to learn due to the bad odor it develops.

Some of the desks donated by the MP of the area Hon. Christian Coletey Otuteye has been what some of the schools depend on even though some are broken and needed to be fixed or replaced.

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu.

Man 60, alegedly Killed over woman at Ningo Ahwiam

A fisherman and herbalist Agba -Teye Adjer a.k.a ‘Kwaley Majee’ or ‘Olenuloo’ aged 60, met his untimely death after allegedly following another man’s wife at Ahwiam Tsebi a suburb of Ningo in the Ningo Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The eyewitness (name with held) told this site that, they woke up at around 4am and saw him lying in pool of blood dead.

The former assembly member for the area Mr. Francis Teye Addotsu told the site that in the hours of about 2am, Joseph Narh Afframah, nephew to the deceased, called him and told him someone buthchered his uncle and in a critical condition.

Mr Addotsu continued that he then ask the deceased’s nephew to call the police since he (the Hon. member) has travelled and not at the community at that moment. He said he had a little investigation which shows that the deceased went to knock at the door of one Mr. Teye _(not real name)_ , asking him to call his wife Kenu for him. Mr. Teye who was not well convinced at the time of the deceased’s request became suspicious and began to ask further questions.

This ended into agitations and Adjer (deceased) who was with a cutlass by then try lifting it on Mr. Teye which defending himself, Mr. Teye pushed Adjer in the process which resulted in his sudden death.

“But this thing even amazed me because his wife comes from Lutah to visit him every time and this women issue too, aaa, well I’m not around of late so……..” he told GNA on phone

Some of the community members told GNA that the deceased is very strong and have been boasting of it and so, he use to do anything he likes at any time.

Speaking to the police, Supretendent Mohammed Issa Kantona, the district police commander at Prampram police headquarters confirmed the issue saying that, they were called in the early mornings of Monday 14th October 2019 which the police team responded to and found the lifeless body covered with leafs. He said, they realised that there are deep Cutlass wounds over the body which shows that he has been butchered but the suspects are currently on the run.

“We are suspecting two men and a girlfriend the deceased has been convene to the police Hospital Morgue for autopsy.

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu

Bless The Economy With Your ‘Lucky’ Disable State – DCE To PWDs

Mr. Adzoteye Lawer Akrofi, Ada West District Chief Executive, says Persons With Disability (PWD) have the capacity to improve their personal and national economy through skills and innovative ideas.The DCE asked them to see their disability state as an ability to come out with initiatives that will boost the state of economy at the district level.He said this in his speech at the disbursement of the district assembly’s three per cent of the common Fund which was meant to the Persons With Disability (PWDs). He said, “this fund was supposed to be two per cent 2% of the Assembly’s common Fund but President Nana Addo Dankwa Akoffo Addo and the NPP Government has increased it to three per cent 3% and we are looking forward to seeing it increased again.”He told this site that, everybody is disabled in one way or the other but just that some people’s disablement are of the physical. He said, some parents keep their disabled children in their rooms with the excuse of feeling ashamed to having given birth to them. This he said has been the problem for the assembly and they therefore go in search of disables to register so that the fund will have every disabled person covered.Mr. David Amuyao Narh the former Presiding Member for the Assembly who is the chairman for the function told the PWDs that disability is not liability and so everyone should take laziness off their ways and do something with the money and support they had from the government. He also entreated parents to bring out their disabled children to also benefit from the common fund.Mr. Awudu Amuyao President of the PWDs Association of the district applauded the effort of the government and faithfulness of the Assembly and encouraged his colleagues to use the fund for the purpose given but not to waste it on what has not been planned for.The DisbursementThursday and Friday 10th and 11th October were scheduled for the program for those who applied for Education, Economic, Business, and health supports.Economic, business support category 198, Education 89 and Health category 48. This means that 335 people were those who were served on Thursday and Friday.Miss Abigail Teye who is the Director for the Social Welfare Department of the Ada West District Assembly who gave the breakdowns told opesika.wordpress.com that there are 388 beneficiaries in all but people who applied for Equipment and items are 53 in number and they will receive theirs by the end of the month. They applied for fridges, deepfreezers, sewing machines, wheelchairs, overclock machines and other important items.

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu

Lack of life skills, main cause of Ada teenage preganancy

Lack of life skills is main cause of the teenage pregnancy phenomenon in the Ada East District.

According to Mr Adjaotor Sorngortse, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Passionate Heart Foundation, “Our girls are very talented but because they have no support, they become. vulnerable to sweet talking guys who only want to have sex with them and later abondon them to their fate. ”

Mr Adjaotor had a chat with this site after handing over sixty (60) youths to various trade and vocational proprietors for apprenticeship.

Mr. Adjaotor said an announcement was made on the Radio for parents to bring their wards from far and near.

“We announced on Radio and parents brought their wards; some of them didn’t have the chance to go to school, others dropped out at Primary 4,6 and even JHS2. Some even got pregnant along the way and so after childbirth, they had the interest to learn a trade since they have no financial support for school. They will be engaged in learning carpentry, dressmaking, car body works, tailoring etc.

We have to make life easy for them so that they will stop doing what they don’t want or associating with bad companies which will not help them secure a better future.”

He said,” We need individuals, stakeholders and technocrats to help us to buy machines, materials and even food to support these youth people but I wished to say thank you to the various masters and madams who have accepted them as apprentices to be trained.”

09 oct. 19

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu

Ocultist arrested for allegedly killing his aunt

The Sege police last Sunday arrested 24 year old Isaiah Tetteh Sebbie at Goi, a suburb of Sege, for allegedly butchering his aunt for ‘ritual’ purposes.

The deceased, Madam Tornyasi Sebbie, aged 70, is said to be at logger heads with the suspect before her untimely death.

Sege Police Commander DSP George Aboagye told this site that, about 6am on Sunday, 6th October 2019, Alex Sebbie and Otu Sebbie (children of the deceased) brought the woman who was then unconscious, to the police station and complained that they found her lying in a pool of blood in front of her shop.

He said, a medical form was quickly prepared for her to be sent to the Ada East District Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to him, investigations revealed that the culprit had been quarreling with the victim which forced her to move out of the family house.

He said, around 5am on the day of the incident, a prime witness saw the suspect butchering the victim with matche.

“After arresting him, we went into his room with the Assembly man of the area Mr. John Akwafo Tsiri, and found items which proved to us that he iis an occultist.

We have arraigned him before court and he is to reappear on 21st of this month for interrogations, ” he explained

The Police chief said the suspect had since been remanded in police custody while the corpse had been deposited at the Police Hospital Morgue for autopsy.

Meanwhile, there are rumours circulating that the suspect who is a community Animal Health Worker, slaughters animals indiscriminately to pacify his objects of worship.

Others also accused him of exhuming human dead bodies for occultic purposes.

The police had since launched investigations into the issues.

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu

8 Oct. 19

Prooposed Abidjan-Lagos Corridor road will avoid Accra and Tema

The Abidjan- Lagos Corridor Highway alignment will not pass through Accra and Tema, according to Pearl Consultance, a consultancy working on the highway proposals.

“ The ABIDJAN-LAGOS CORRIDOR HIGHWAY LOT 2 (APEMANIM TO AKANU)”, together with proposed bypasses to avoid the major cities including ACCRA and TEMA. Clearly, Tema-Aflao could not have been in the picture at all, ” it said in statement.

The statement issued by Dr Divine Odame Appiah, an environmental/climate change expert and a consultant of Pearl Constance, which sought to correct some wrong impressions created by a story attributed to him, said, ” Also, Pearl Consultants were erroneously assigned Lot 3 instead of Lot 2 of the Highway project by the report.

It must be rectified that ECOWAS commission was not and will not be committed to the payment of compensation, arising from the proposed project. ”

According to the statement,” The issues of compensation will be considered within the project’s appropriate mechanisms.”

He said the meeting which was the source of the publication, was purposely organized to obtain views and expectations of the stakeholders on the proposed project, for the preparation of a Scoping Report.

published by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the 5th of September 2019.

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu

Six dead, 15 injured in Sege road accident* – _police confirmed_

The Sege Police commander DSP George Abooagye has confirmed that at least Six(6) persons died instantly including both drivers while fifteen(15) sustained various degrees of injury when two vehicles crushed head on the Tema—Aflao Road.

He told the GNA that a Toyota Hiace with registration GT 9125–12 from Aflao while trying to avoid a motorbike allegedly parked by the roadside rammed into a Sprinter mini bus with registration GC 7364—12 from the Tema direction.

Earlier, that evening, another accident occurred at Kasseh on the same road which also left many people severely injured.

The injured persons had been rushed to Battor Catholic Hospital for treatment while the deceased had been sent to the morgue.

Meanwhile, indigenes of the area had complained bitterly about the speed with which drivers who ply that stretch of the Accra Lome road drive.

The Police had to disperse any angry crowd near Sege after a speeding vehicle knocked down pedestrians a few weeks ago.
05 Oct. 19

Opesika Tetteh Puplampu